Why Choose Us?

Quality Products

By working with highly rated suppliers, we are able to offer a diverse selection of both functional and innovative products on a consistent basis. Our clients tell us time and again... "That's a great item, I've never seen it before!" This gives you the peace of mind that the products you give out are generating a positive perception of your company.

Superior Service

Our years of experience have allowed us to establish relationships with our suppliers that enable us to generate quick turn around times on almost all of the products that we offer. This allows us to service your general and event needs in a quicker, more efficient manner.

Reliable Delivery

Follow-up... It's that simple. We take nothing for granted and follow-up relentlessly on every single order. This allows you the confidence that if you have an event, and you've entrusted us with an order for that event, it will arrive on time... No exceptions.




We've been doing this for over thirty years. By asking the right questions, we are able to determine not only what your business needs are, but how to fulfill those needs through effective marketing and promotional campaigns.



As a MAS certified company, you can be sure that we are receiving the highest level of product and service training in the promotional marketing industry. We continue to attend educational seminars in order to bring you fresh and unique ideas.


We are experts in the field of promotion. In addition to suggesting a product to promote your business, we will show you how to use that product in an overall plan to communicate, educate, thank or inform whoever your target audience is.



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